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The Fedora 20 Active Directory Integration Guide : Introduction

Linux has come a long way toward being more user friendly in the last few years, and Fedora 20 is no exception.  One area in which it shines is its incredibly smooth integration with Active Directory through realmd.  What makes realmd (and sssd) so powerful is that because PAM uses them as part of its authentication chain, any existing application that uses PAM for authentication has automatic access to Active Directory after the machine is joined to the domain.

However, because this is a relatively new addition, there is not a lot of accurate information on the web about how to perform many everyday tasks.  There are also a lot of out of date guides or guides that assume you are using local accounts or manually performing ldap lookups.

This guide is designed to make setting up a network of Fedora 20 servers integrated with Active Directory simple and hassle free.  It makes the following assumptions:

  • You have already installed 2 Active Directory domain controllers, named dc1 and dc2
  • You have chosen the domain name corp.mydomain.com and the NT name CORP
  • You have created yourself a regular account username, and a domain administrator account username.da
  • We will be installing 1 server per major service or application

Table Of Contents

  1. Joining A Domain
  2. Mail Server
  3. File Server
  4. Jenkins
  5. Apache and Nagios